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Nominations for the 22nd Annual Youth Recognition Awards now OPEN.

2018 Youth Recognition Honorees

Nominations Due:  March 23, 2018

Ceremony Date:      May 2, 2018

Jared Arbit, Danielle Boos, Isabel Dziuba, Katherine Elliott, Kendall Fowler, Julianne Garcia, Hannah Grubbs, Emily Hamama, Paige Harris, Annisia Hill, Kyler Hwa, Jensen Hwa, Jason Israilov, Marianna Kahill, Raya King, Jamari Ledesma, Veronica Lessing, Thomas E. Libcke, Cooper Loudermilk, Ariahana Lowllun, Carly Lyons,
 Sydney Morrow, Chuo Ngwainbi, Kennedy Grace Palmer, Samantha Poota, Inaya Qureshi, Morgan Rodeheffer, Xion Rodriguez, Jay Rubin, Vincent Rush, Harshitha Sankaranarayanan, Aryana Sandhu, Helaine Sawarynski, Andrew Schaeffler, Aubrey Spencer, Brooke Taylor, Jayden Taylor, Kori Tucker, Bryce Vandenavond, Alanah Willis, Aniyah Willis, Daniel Wisely

We regret to inform the community that Summer Camp Scholarships will not be offered through WBYA in 2018.  We hope to be able to start offering them again in the Spring of 2019.  Please check back then.

  Summer Camp Scholarships 2018

West Bloomfield Youth Assistance recognizes young people from our community for making positive, volunteer contributions every year. Nominations come from schools, hospitals, religious organizations, fire and police departments, and private citizens who have been helped by a youth. Local, county, and state dignitaries participate in making these events very special. We do this because we believe that positive behaviors are often overlooked. These young people serve as role models for their peers; they reassure the community that the future is in good hands. The winners are honored at our annual Youth Recognition Awards Ceremony in the spring.

 Congratulations to this year's honorees!

Youth Recognition Awards

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