Penguins at the Detroit Zoo

Demand Greatness

On November 15th, 2016, as a part of West Bloomfield High School's "U Matter" week, motivational speaker and author of "Demand Greatness", DeAndre Carter, spoke in two sessions to students. He encouraged students to reach their maximum potential by developing their "lion traits", leaving them with the final thought, "Lakers turn losses into LESSONS".   West Bloomfield Youth Assistance proudly co-sponsored this event.

Mike Smith, an exciting and passionate motivational speaker will be the headline speaker for UMatter Week on November 7, 2017 at WBHS.  Go Lakers!!!

Coping And Self Care

 The Mental Health Magician, co-sponsored by West Bloomfield Youth Assistance in 2016, is back by popular demand.  The Mental Health Magician will be return to Abbott and Orchard Lake Middle School in November and December this school year.




MOTOWN DIGITAL (video production & more) 877-669-1290

Look for the WBYA Table stop at the annual WB  Trick-or-Treat Trail on

Sunday October 29th, 2017 at Marshbank Park

 Who should watch Parenting On The Go​​​​​ videos?   

All community members who have or interact with children should take four minutes to watch at least one "Parenting On The Go video".  Why?  Because the videos are designed to fit into our busy lives AND the videos contain important messages from local experts that you don't want to miss.

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West Bloomfield Youth Assistance in the Community

Students Learn How Colleges Review Social Media Pages

Julie Fisher, executive director of Building Better Families Through Action, spoke to West Bloomfield High School Seniors on September 11th, 2016.  She also presented "Digital Footprint" at Abbott & OLMS on February 16, 2017.   West Bloomfield Youth Assistance is committed to bringing programs to West Bloomfield Schools that communicate healthy decision making to our youth.

Julie Fisher Spoke To High School Seniors on September 12, 2017 to kick off the school year.

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  • Referral Services
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  • Family conflict problems
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  • Shoplifting
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What are some reasons to refer youth?

Our Mission:  West Bloomfield Youth Assistance (WBYA) is a non-profit organization that offers professional counseling services and conducts prevention programs for youth and their families who live within the West Bloomfield School District.  

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WBYA and the WB Optimists co-sponsored a trip to the Detroit Zoo August 1st.  We were pleased to take 14 students to listen to world renowned Penguin scientist, Dr. P Dee Boersma speak on the new Penguinarium.  The group then took the train to the back of the zoo to see the Polar bear exhibit. Zebras, camels, butterflies... Oh My! 

What a great day for the Zoo!

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